The Dog Groom

Dog grooming studio

Hi, I am Kate, living my dream working with animals. For the past 15 years I have been cutting and styling the hair of us 2 legged people. Having retrained through accredited courses, I know run my own business styling our precious four legged friends.

Its not just us humans that enjoy soft music, scented candles, and facials that's why the most important thing is your pet.

Since my childhood I have always had animals, dogs, guinea pigs, budgies and rabbits. As a girl I loved horse ridding, even skipping off school to be at the yard - oops, sorry mum!!

Now I have two kids -  "My Princess", a Tea Cup Yorkie, normally found asleep upon here throne and "My Mannie" a boisterous Cavapoo puppy who's favourite game is mischief.